Bandwidth Optimization

What is Bandwidth Optimization?

The Bandwidth Optimization in VoIP is an old technology. VoIP Bandwidth Optimizers generally multiplex the RTP payloads and reduce the IP Header overhead. Thus they can save up-to 80% of the bandwidth.In a classic Bandwidth Optimization Technology, people generally use RTP Proxy or IAX2 (Asterisk) like protocols to multiplex the RTP Payload. But Asterisk or RTP Proxy generally requires a Computer to run. So the implementation cost of the solution increases which may not be profitable nowadays because over time the price of the bandwidth itself is decreasing.

In our solution we make it possible to run a single call of G729 codec at as low as 8 to 10 kbps data usage which enables a staggering 5 fold call increase with the same bandwidth or internet data usage.

Why Cloudfonica?

But Cloudfonica took this technology to the next level. Bandwidth Optimization service still remains profitable as we moved the service in our Cloud VoIP platform. We also introduced our own CMER technology to optimize the Bandwidth usage which can run in embedded devices like routers. So a customer can start Cloudfonica service with US 10$ and in the client end, s/he can use US 40$ routers. So with US 50$ the customer can start using the Bandwidth Optimization service which was impossible before our Cloud VoIP platform.

Key Benefits

Cloudfonica is a self-managed low budget high quality BO Service. We also have vast number of tutorials and documents so that our customer can manage and configure their devices by themselves. We also have a strong development team to develop customized VoIP solution for our customers.

Apart from that, in many cases, VoIP services run in the hostile network. So many customers or corporate users want to encrypt and hide the voice payload. Cloudfonica inherits a multi-tunnel mechanism which can use over 15 different types of tunnels with strong encryptions and data obscure technologies.

Other Major Benefits

  • A Cloud Portal to manage all the services.
  • User friendly service panel
  • Call Detail Record ( CDR )
  • Manage Carrier/Calling Party/SIP User/Gateways
  • Manage Call Routing/Dial Plan
  • Use PC/Raspberry Pi/Router in the client end
  • Firewall to protect unwanted calls
  • Active Calls

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