Call Filter Solution

What is Call Filter?

The Call Filter is a relatively new solution to enhance the overall performance of a VoIP System. As name suggests, it basically filters out unwanted calls, applies some preconfigured rules like blacklist/whitelist on call routing, distributes calls evenly across VoIP channels etc.All rules can be used on both called numbers or caller-ids. Different types of customer use this solution in different ways.

Some use this solution to filter out the unwanted calls and enhance SIM performance. Some use it to mimic the human behavior. Carrier can also use it to distribute same types of calls to the same termination providers which in terms also enhance the Call Quality.

There is a huge scope to customize this solution and our team is always ready to customize the call filter solution according to the customer’s need.

Key feature

  • Filter out unwanted calls
  • Blacklist or whitelist numbers
  • Caller ID rotation
  • Distribute calls across VoIP channels in preconfigured pattern
  • Mimic human behavior
  • Control Call Flow

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