Cloudfonica is the pioneer bandwidth optimization service for VoIP call termination which uses complex cloud communication technology, voice compression algorithms and tunnel encryption modules to provide high quality voice even in low internet bandwidth. Cloudfonica makes it possible to run a call at as low as 8 to 10 kbps data usage which enables a staggering 5 fold call increase with the same bandwidth or internet data usage. Cloudfonica is compatible with any standard softswitch and all major analog/digital termination devices (gateways). Its ‘self-managed’ feature enables users to reduce cost of having technical or support team as well as reducing the dependency.

Features Benefits
Multi-Tunnel Mechanism Multiple Tunnels can be deployed to bypass any blockage such as IP or Internet blockage. It works as Anti-Blocking Tunnel. Users can deploy it by a single click from their Cloudfonica Portal.
Increase Ports at Peak Time and decrease at Off Peak Users can increase or Decrease ports instantly according to their demand by using utility tools in their Cloudfonica Portal.
Hourly Billing Hourly Billing facility provides users the opportunity to calculate their cost in advance. Hence, users are able to check the profit margin instantly.
100% Self-Managed service Users can Install, Modify or Cancel the service at any time. It helps saving cost and time.
Easy and Fast installation Cloudfonica provides extremely user friendly environment which means hassle free installation and operating procedures.
Pay As You Go Users can top up their accounts as many times as they want. Cloudfonica’s Pay As You Go payment method provides users a peace of mind!
Web Based Billing Platform Full featured web based billing platform is integrated. Users can view CDR, modify or edit termination/origination end points etc.
Compatibility Cloudfonica works in all type of internet networks and compatible with all major gateways and standard softswitch.