Dinstar Gateway Configuration


Figure-1: Dinstar System Information

Step 1: After Login to Dinstar VoIP Gateway we see the System configuration page. Here Sim Status, Sim signal, Call status, ASR and ACD of sim is available


Figure-2: Dinstar Local Network Configuration

Step 2: To configure Dinstar gateway one must know the default IP (, Subnet Mask ( of Bandwidth Optimizer solution.


Figure-3: Routing Configuration

Step 3: Routing parameter under the Routing Configuration is a substantial option.

IP-> Tel parameter and Tel-> IP parameter will be set as (Router calls before manipulation)


Figure-4: Routing Configuration (IP-> Tel Routing)

Step 4: Ip -> Tel Routing should be set at Routing Configuration. Above configuration is the most suitable for routing.


Figure-5: Dinstar Manipulation Configuration

Step 5: Dinstar Manipulation Configuration (Ip->Tel Destination) is done for IP and Port mapping.


Figure-6: Dinstar Operation Configuration

Step 6: Operation Configuration is used for allowing calls to from Bandwidth optimizer solution to the Dinstar Gateway.


Figure-7: Port Group Configuration

Step 7: Port group Configuration is used for making enable and disable the port . Mode should be "Cyclic Ascending"


Figure-8: IP Trunk Configuration

Step 8: IP Trunk Configuration in Dinstar gateway is the part and parcel to chose default gateway IP relating to bandwidth optimaize solution. 5060 port should be given.


Figure-9: Dinstar Service Parameter Configuration

Step 9 : Dinstar Service Parameter Configuration is used for mentioning Codec g729/g723/alaw/ulaw.


Figure-10: Dinstar Sip Parameter Configuration

Step 10: Dinstar Sip Configuration is used for pairing with default sip server IP.