Cloudfonica Raspberry Pi solution

Cloudfonica presents you the latest groundbreaking product which will break the chain of costly PC and Monitor dependency for operating your setup and we call it Cloudfonica Rasbperry Pi solution.

Why Cloudfonica Pi?

  • Low power consumption (2.5 A , 5V)
  • Price less than 40$
  • Size of a Credit Card
  • All advantage of PC Based Cloudfonica solution
  • Stronger than router based solution (RAM, CPU, Bandwidth Optimization, Tunneling are much better here)
  • No display/monitor needed to run the setup
  • Easily portable

System Requirement

  • Raspberry Pi 3, model B with 2.5A, 5V USB Power Supply Adapter and microUSB cable
  • microSD Card , 8GB (min) , class 10
  • Clear Raspberry Pi 3 Casing (optional)
  • 2 Heat Sinks (optional)

Installation Requirements (one time)

  • PC with monitor
  • USB Card Reader(microSD) / Adapter
  • Router with internet

Installation Procedure

  1. Insert microSD card into USB Card Reader, then insert the USB Card Reader into PC. Then format the microSD card with “SD Formatter”, link here
  2. Download the Cloudfonica Pi OS zip file from here and unzip it
  3. Burn the Cloudfonica image into microSD card with “Win32DiskImager”, link here
  4. Insert the microSD into Cloudfonica Pi machine’s microSD card slot
  5. Connect the microUSB cable from power adapter to microUSB port of the Cloudfonica Pi machine
  6. Connect the PC, Cloudfonica Pi, Gateway(lan) under same router via lan
  7. Get the MAC address of Cloudfonica Pi and IP of Gateway for further configuration from DHCP client list of router management page
  8. Create a new IP from your Cloudfonica portal and configure Client panel