'Cloudfonica' emerged as part of a combined approach from renowned Telecommunication Engineers, Software Engineers and Telecommunication business specialist. All these expertise came together to bring some innovative ideas in one single platform for providing a pioneering product or service for Call Termination businesses worldwide.

'Cloudfonica' is the result of intensive research on technologies used in call termination architecture, compression algorithm, communication protocol, cloud communication and bandwidth optimization strategy. To do so, Cloudfonica used its research wing in more than 35 countries and collected data on market demand, user experience, profitability, difficulties etc. Based on those practical data, ‘Cloudfonica’ started its revolutionary ‘self-managed’ bandwidth optimization service for VoIP call termination businesses. Its technology, pricing and user experience put ‘Cloudfonica’ to the top of the service providers list. ‘Cloudfonica’ caters all type of clients – corporate level users to sole traders in VoIP call termination business.

'Cloudfonica' uses data centres in multiple locations which covers most of the major technologically advanced metropolis in different continents. Teams are working together from different countries such as the UK, USA and Singapore.